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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a woman abducted from a department store park lot, and it is all caught on tape. she kicks and screams while witnesses, watched her shoved into a van. good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. those witnesses tell police there were others already in the van, all happened outside of a target store in stafford county. an amber alert is still out tonight on that van. darcy spencer has the latest. >> reporter: authorities say that this teenager could be in extreme danger. they're not ruling out the possibility that this could be domestic related but they say how the teen was treated in the video was very concerning. in this surveillance video you see a young lady grabbed by three people. two women and one man.
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they force her into a minivan. she puts up a struggle, but is overcome by force. the van doors are closed and the vehicle pulls away, it in the roughly 17-year-old girl haven't been seen. >> she was kicking, screaming, yelling that she did not want to go into the van. >> reporter: police are investing the incident as a possible abduction. it happened around 11:30 in the morning in a parking lot of the target on south gateway drive in stafford county. the victim was walk alone when she was approached, engaged in conversation, then stuffed into the van. >> when you look at the video footage even if you're related using that type of force to pull someone into a car is very unusual. >> reporter: police issued an amber alert that's being shown on highway signs. the lookout is for a 1998 green dodge caravan with rhode island license plate number 984610. >> hoping that someone will recognize the vehicle or -- or take the video and maybe there's
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a piece of information in there that can help us locate these people and this young lady because we're very concerned about her well beingia you can see on this surveillance video that there were numerous witnesses to the possible abduction, police say some called 911. others stood by and did nothing. >> it's scary to think that somebody would -- could just drive by and grab your kid or -- especially when it's a teenager, you know, you kind of give them a little bit more freedom. >> reporter: authorities were able to trace that van back to a house in providence, rhode island. authorities there went to that house, but no one was home. in stafford, virginia, darcy spencer, news4. tonight metro transit police are look for the man who sexually assaulted a girl in the metro station. it happened around 6:30 last night the girl just left the station through a metro tunnel when a man started talking to her, she kept walking, he followed her on a foot path and led to the neighborhood and
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sexually assaulted her. some riders say more security is needed at metro station. >> so i think it's dangerous, like, things keep happening between, like i said, between here and college park. a lot of students around. so i think they should be more secured. it's not secure at all. and even after this incident, there's no one here so i think something should be done. >> the teenager described to her attacker as a heavy-set hispanic man in his 30s with dark curly hair. she says he has a dark reddish complexion and also says he has a tattoo of a snake on his left arm. two people from this area were killed and one survived when the vehicle they were riding in went under water in berkeley county. the driver of the suv somehow lost control, ran off the left side of the road and rolled into a creek. 43-year-old john zimmerman of alexandria and 40-year-old both died.
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31-year-old from stafford county somehow managed to free himself from the car and swam to safety. tonight, investigators are on the scene. they're trying to figure out just exactly how that accident happened. police across the country are still very angry about -- i should say people across the country are still very angry, many them about arizona's new immigration law, here about two dozen protesters by holding a rally in dupont circle. the people brought signs reading, "justice can't wait" and "shame on arizona." meanwhile in phoenix, thousands more marched to the capital to shout out their opposition. under the new law police can question individuals about their immigration status if there is reasonable suspicion that they're in this country illegally. arizona's governor maintains that the law will not lead to racial profiling. the recent polls show that a strong majority of americans,
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more than 60% in fact, favor the new law. >> it is, of course, memorial day weekend, and there are a host of events going in/around the d.c. area. lots of folks wondering will the weather cooperate. what's the word? >> craig the word is, heat. it's going to be building as we head into this memorial day weekend. let's take a look at our weather trend. today we took steps towards warming up and it's only going to build further into the 80s and even 90s, there are your forecasted highs. 88 tomorrow, 92 on monday. at this hour it is 72 inside of the beltway. baltimore's 73 along with sterling. hagerstown's still 75. 67 in la platea. the low tonight in fredericksburg mainly 67, mainly clear skies. 65 in martinsburg and 65 in winchester, so we're going to be talking about where we're headed as we think about monday and if we have to think about any rain
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on those outdoor barbecues. i'll get back to you on that school in just a little while. craig? >> uh-oh. appreciate it. come back to you in a few minutes. bp said today tonight, rather they admit the a short time ago that the top kill did not work. for three days, crews had been pumping mud and cement into the damage well and now bp says tell cut off a piece of leaking pipe and containment dome on top in another attempt to stop the massive leak. meanwhile louisiana's beaches are slowly being cleaned up, but bp's chief operating officer says the company -- says the company must do better to save the oil-soaked marshes. >> we're putting a lot more of the control and the authority and the people much closer to where the action is. >> doug suttles there. bp and suttles' both under
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attack. he's received death threat and some are questioning the information coming out of the company. so what does the gulf oil scene mean for your favorite seafood favorites? the talk on the waterfront today. talk about that in a few moments. also tonight remembering dennis hopper, one of hollywood's favorite bad boys died today. look back at his wife. dan, what do you got in sports, man. >> good thing that ron artest is showing up on time for the lakers tonight. the nationals trying to stay class nesan diego. and stephen strassburg has a tough day at the office. you are better believe it.
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dennis hopper died today. for decades he was one of hollywood's most famous bad boys. the actor had been battling prostate cancer and hopper of course start theed stardom "easy rider" both directed and co-starred in it and in fact picked up an oscar nomination for it. "hoosiers," "blue velvet" and "speed." dennis hop was sech 4. the oil spill was on the mienlds of many folks on the southwest waterfront today. >> besides seafood merchants and customers were wondering how the disaster will affect products and prices? but row after row of fish and crabs, shrimp and oysters, and
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louisiana special teet crawfish proves no immediate cause for concern. locally we are enjoying a good harvest from the chesapeake bay, but one local merchant worries about the impact that the oil spill will have on his business later this year. >> my main concern of the crabs is in the wintertime from november tilt end of march you know so that's quite a long time and i don't know what i will do in that time. >> we're shrimp people and shellfish, so right now doing all right. >> the hope of course is that both sellers and buyers of fresh seafood will continue do all right as everyone keeps an uneasy watch on the cleanup down from the gulf. coming up here tonight, some fine-tuning down in the capital in preparation for tomorrow's memorial day concert. we'll take there you. also, what about the weather for that concert? and that's bash you're planning and all of the shopping. hanging out.
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hundreds got chance tonight to sit in on the dress rehearsal for the national memorial day concert. ♪ ♪ on the fourth of july honors american vets and current members of the u.s. armed force. this year's concert will feature actors -- as you just saw and as well as the national symphony orchestra. broadcast live from the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. it starts tomorrow night at 8:00. maybe you noticed all of the motorcycles in d.c. this weekend. kim martucci you saw them out there, tonight, didn't you? >> word. >> the folks out here
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celebrating in honor of the military. hundreds of motorcyclists with rolling thunder, took part in the rally at navy mem thoerl morning. rolling thunder of course a nonprofit organization that honors american prisoners of war and those missing in action. there are some 500,000 members who are part of rolling thunder. the organization also raises a lot of money to help veterans. the group's going to host a motorcycle rally tomorrow. they will leave from the pentagon at noon and then they will arrive at lincoln memorial around 12:30. virginia congressman, jay randy forbes' is going to lead the rally. undoubtedly thousand of them watching right now kim martucci. saw that. what's the word are you going to make them happy. >> i am. great motorcycle-riding weather. >> excellent. >> hey, hey it is great see you as we get through this saturday evening together. a lot of barbecues, i'm sure, this weekend. and celebrations going on, so let me help you with your weather forecast. i want to start with the beach
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forecast first because that bouncing ball -- >> that bouncing ball -- >> it took me about 15 minutes to figure out how do that so i want to brag and show you the graphic. at the beach looking good tomorrow, it's going to be warmer. lots of showers today. and, hm, monday morning we might have a stray shower. it'll be warmer, 88 degrees at ocean city, and the water temperature's 65 degrees, not bad. outside right now, we'realt 72 at reagan national airport. winds south-southwest at 3. we had some at the mountains, some at the beaches and hopef hopefully you didn't cancel too many of your outdoor plans but we eked one by. here's the satellite and the radar loop. one or two showers south of culpeper county right now and now we have to talk about that pesky front that's been hanging out on top of us. we're going to say good-bye to this after tonight. it's going to take a hike. it's going to diminish and get some high pressure in here, warm
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up, stay kind of humid but more importantly keep some rain drop away from your barbecues. look at what is building in the west, though. lots of warm temperatures. at this late hour, st. louis is 80 degrees, for example. this heat is going to be moving to the east. you will definitely notice it tomorrow because the humidity's going to stay high and the temperature's will be up. so as you grill working on 88 degrees, partly sunny skies tomorrow, and then memorial day we're going to take it up to 92, now i do have a lightning bolt on this. a possible late-day storm, more importantly for the mountains because we're going to sneak some gulf moisture up the appalachian spine so one or two of those may try to come here. 89 frederick, 8 fredericksburg. as we look at this front, saying good-bye to it and there's that moisture as we watch on monday, it's going to try to come in here but i think that most of it holds off until about tuesday. so let's extend the forecast and talk about what's going on. we've talked about the increase in the heat tomorrow. it culminates with a high of 92
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on memorial day. tuesday's a day where we get some big storms through here. that'll set us back on wednesday. kind of a breather day. then as we extend the forecast further, late thursday, and into friday morning we have showers again. and that is a high of around 70 on saturday. now we have viewers from columbia watching us and my baby to be is craving shrimp and grits. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> we want to make the baby happy. kim martucci, thank you so much. the phillies have perfection. dan hellie's going to tell us if the sister of brotherly love is still standing on this saturday.
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nats they're out west coming off of the win last night, back at it tonight against san diego. >> up and down. these guys cannot string anything together and putting a new pitcher out there tonight j.d. martin starting his first game of the season and he didn't do half bad. six innings gig up just one earned run but martin didn't have any help. mustered just five hits against the padres, you know what they do at san diego, melvin, they bring the beach to you. bottom of the first inning this will hurt a little bit. nick hundley taking martin's hanging curve and just crushing it. only 72 miles an hour, that's what happens. three-run shot puts the padres on top 3-0. the only good thing about the home run was that kid, that was kind nice. second inning, adam kennedy up the middle. david eckstein can't get to it. adam dunn, he lumbers home, he lumbers everywhere. chris den ovria chopper over to third. nice play by dunn here to make the out but another one scores. the nationals fall, 4-2 out
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there in san diego. stephen strasburg i believe you all have heard of him, still expected to get called up to the bigs in less than two weeks. tonight, the nats' future ace proved to be human. giving up his first home run of the season. and he took the loss. strasburg syracuse chiefs taking on the scranton wilke barry. good wood on this 99-mile-an-hour fastball and for the first time in 48 innings this season strasburg serves the tater. what is going on here? we haven't seen that before from him. fourth inning strasburg facing nunez, nice defensive play by the rook. got some skills, a few batters later strasburg gets chad huffman looking. he goes five innings, gives up six hits, three earned runs and strikes out six. he also takes his second loss of the season. history, folks, for roy
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halladay down in florida. the phillies' ace strikes out hanley ramirez to end the seventh. halladay baffled the marlins all night long. strikes out 11, doesn't give up a run, hit or a walk. that, craig melvin is called, what. >> a perfect game. >> how about a perfect game. final out right here, halladay tosses the second perfect game of the season. it must be getting easier to pitch perfect games in year, what do you say, guys? just the 20th in baseball history, as the phillies beat the marlins, 1-0. basketball time. suns and lakers in game six in the western conference finals. a win and the lakers headed to the nba finals against the celtics, a loss and we're going to a game seven. let's go to phoenix. not many lakers fans at this one. what do you think? yeah. third quarter jordan farmar on the miss. lamar odom gets the rebound. so ron artest cutting to the hoop, artest with 24 points in
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the game. lakers up 85-67 in the third. later steve nash driving. he feeds amar'e and just gets out of his way. lakers still up by 11. stoudemire had 27 points in the game. late in the game now, grant hill, check this out, hanging all over kobe. that is filthy. aah, still hit kobe had 35. the lakers win, and they are going to the finals. they will be taking on the boston celtics. and now to the game you saw right here on nbc4, we are talking hockey. and the only solace i guess for caps' fans in seeing philadelphia in the stanley cup final at least it ain't pittsburgh. game one of the finals in chicago, and one drought is sure to end. the flyers have gone 35 years without a cup. the blackhawks 49 years. we're in chicago. scott hartnell you know i think he'll be starting that grisly adams' commercial. a lot of fur there. game tied at five, blackhawks in red keeping it in their zone,
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dave bolland to thomas copesski watch this. a slimmer of daylight to beat brian boucher. and that, my friends is your game winner. the hawks lead the series 1-0 after that 6-5 win. how about a little sockser, d.c. united wins for the second time this season and do it on a penalty shot and a little boost from the teenager. 17-year-old andy nar hall. at rfk stadium, united hasting chivas usa. wall the pass to andy and he heads in there. that is a pretty goal from the youngster. we tied up to one at this point. past forward now. penalty kick on substitute goalie dario delgado he scores and united wins it, 3-2. okay back to baseball for a minute for one the strangest endings to a game that you will ever see. the angels hosting the mariners, bases loaded for kendry morales.
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that's a grand slam, folks. a walk-off game winner. the celebration at the plate does not go well. you see kendry is on the ground. >> what. >> yeah, he jumped up and nobody caught him. he breaks his leg he's probably done for the year you go from walk-off, game-winning grand slum to done for the season. let that be a lesson to the little leaguers out there, if you celebrate, catch the dude. >> catch the dude. >> and maybe you don't celebrate like that at the not have a no you have to celebrate. >> dan hellie, thank you so much. oh we want to do french. i think that we've got time for french. >> everyone's yelling in my ear. we've got french open. you don't have to yell. just say french. upset and maybe an upset stomach. highlighted today's french open. andy roddick ousted in the fourth round and serena williams fights off a cold and dizzy spell to advance. roddick played on the court he called his least favorite in the world and it showed. can you say this name.
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>> match point here here, takes the win. roddick said the russian got best of him. he won all of those points there. serena taking on another russian. anastasia. ten seconds. get in in. serena wins, she advances. great job. >> "snl's" u
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